Download 'Covers Pt.2' EP [Free Release]

So my latest Covers EP is now available for free download here:

I've been working on this release for some time now and there are some songs on this which I wanted to upload years ago but just didn't get round to finishing as I've been working on original music. I've rerecorded some of the songs so you may notice they're just a little different to the YouTube versions. I decided to put this out as these will most likely be the last covers I post on YouTube (at least for a good while) as I would really like to focus on my own original music. Reason being is that although there are many successful cover artists on YouTube, I don't feel as though doing covers is for me or is my method of getting to where I'd like to be. I have learnt a lot through them but I think I've learnt enough from the 4 years of posting covers to be able to move forward and try something new. Thank you everyone that made suggestions of songs they wanted to hear me cover. I'll be posting the videos for the covers, that aren't already up on YouTube, every week until they're all up. It would be really helpful if you could comment, like and share those videos with as many friends as possible. Also get them to download it and share it with their friends, help us keep growing! :)

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