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The world is surrounded by great musical talents that deserve more media attention, singers with a divine voice that should be in the top 3 of the best voices. In search of those people I met Julz West, and believe he followed me on Twitter, so I followed him so I knew right after I was seeking to know more about him and got to know his work, he is a singer and has the best voice ever! I talked with him a bit and asked " Hey Julz, how about giving an interview to my blog? " , he said all friendly " Sure, why not? " , and then did a series of questions:

Staff: You started singing at what age?

Julz: Well since I was about 1 year old I would sing in gibberish, while hitting piano keys! I sort of grew out of it as I grew older though and didn't start singing again until I was about 15.

Staff: Do you have new projects ahead?

Julz: A whole lot! It's just crazy figuring out when I'm releasing what but I've got a lot on the way. The next release will be my Covers EP Pt.2 which you can download for free on the 22/02/14. If you haven't got the first instalment yet you can get it for free at

Staff: How do you deal with fame?

Julz: I wouldn't quite say I've hit what most would consider "fame" and I think it's a concept you have to visualise differently as an artist in order to remain humble. I believe you have to see each fan as an individual and not as part of a crowd so that each compliment you receive is like the first time you've heard it and you genuinely appreciate that person's opinion of your work. You don't just brush it aside and have a "tell me something new" mentality, that's the point where I think it starts too get to your head and that's no bueno. Your ego is not your amigo!

Staff: Many artists are now starting their careers and are already using Twitter as a method to share their work, you began to share your work on Twitter too? And on your verified account, when and how did that happen?

Julz: Yeah I've been sharing my music through twitter for roughly 4 years now. I feel like twitter can be a great way to promote your music, however now I find it a lot less effective than it was a few years ago. To me it feels like everything is too forced and artificial on the platform now. Before, people would be curious if you posted a YouTube link and click it, now it's like they don't see you at all unless there's already a buzz around you. Being verified sort of helps and it also sort of doesn't. I got verified in the beginning of August 2012, I just remember getting ready to head to sleep and getting a message from one of my really good friends and she was freaking out. She said something like "noo way you're verified!" -and at first I was just thinking "what? Is this some type of spam?" So I logged in, saw it, and flipped lol. It was just crazy cause we had joked about it but didn't see that coming. It was amazing and really cool for a while but then I started to see the bad side of it. It was like all of a sudden I had loads more people talking to me but they weren't talking to me for MY music or what I was doing, it was to get through to someone else, most commonly Justin Bieber. Before, I could have random nice conversations with people, meet new people and have them be genuine with me, but now it's like I can't have a normal conversation without them mentioning someone else. It's the main reason I don't read my Direct Messages any more. Every now and then I do scan them and often try to give them a shot but usually 5mins into thinking "wow, a decent conversation for a change" they drop the "do you know Justin Bieber" or "tell Ariana to follow me pls". I guess it does help me really appreciate those showing support even more though so it's not all bad. I just realised how long this paragraph is, my bad. Moving on...

Staff: You wanted to pursue a singing career since childhood or dreamed of another profession?

Julz: Actually most of my childhood I wanted to be a stuntman in movies! I would watch all these behind the scenes of stunts and at one point even wanted to go to stunt school...which my parents kindly objected to. That slightly died down after some time (and a few fractures) and I just became really obsessed with making movies. That's when I joined Twitter in 2009. I started writing a script and planning a short film, so I'd check twitter to see what other people in the film world were up to. I remember one of the people who inspired me at the time was Christian Fortune, I'd watch his videos with Jake T Austin. I eventually let filmmaking take a back seat because it was always difficult to get enough friends to be in them. I still love film and would love to make some at some point but right now I'm focused on the music.

Staff: Do you have any idols? Name some of them

Julz: I try not to idolise anyone because I feel like once you start to focus on someone else that much, it's harder to see your own value.

Staff: You get inspired by any singer? Who?

Julz: The artist I'm most inspired by right now would have to be Tori Kelly! That voice! I really admire how down to earth she is and she seems to really know who she is and her values. Also I can relate to her creating a lot of her own music in her bedroom and doing everything herself. You can just feel that she loves what she does, I find that really inspiring.

Q: With a life full of compromises, the time to go out with friends is missing. Do your friends understand?

Julz: My friends are very understanding, all of them have been there since the start so they've seen me gradually get more and more serious about this and they respect that. Most of my friends are at university though so they're really busy as well. Also I keep quite a small circle of friends so it's easier to stay in contact with everyone.

Q: A word of advice to someone starting out in the music business.

Julz: If you feel you've got it in you then go for it! It for sure won't be easy, but it'll be worth it. There will be a lot of people talking and a lot of people doubting. You've gotta trust yourself, trust that you know what you're doing and work as hard as you can every second. If no one's worried about the lack of sleep you're getting you're probably not working hard enough. It's fine to have days where you feel you wanna quit, just don't let that feeling turn into anything more than just a temporary feeling. Look for inspiration and get back at it! It's a competitive industry, don't expect anyone to help you. Learn as much as you can but most importantly, have fun!

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