Born on 23rd January 1995 into a family of musicians, Julz (Julian Alexander) West has always enjoyed taking part in musical activities. From the age of 1, Julz was fascinated by musical instruments such as drums and the piano and could often be seen pressing keys and singing along in gibberish. The day he could walk was to be the day he would begin dancing. Inspired by Michael Jackson, he decided to merge his music and dance moves and perform live to his family members in his living room. All tickets to this event sold out within mere minutes! Quickly deciding it was something he loved doing, he started to perform regularly while developing his talents such as drumming, which he had the opportunity to practice every week at the Church he attended.

As he transitioned to Secondary school his interest in music lowered and his interest in dance flared. Julz regularly took part in extra curricular activities which were performing arts related. Attending dance competitions he quickly realised dance was something he truly felt allowed him to unleash his creativity. Not long into his his high school years, Julz was told by a teacher at his school that he simply wasn't good enough and that he should give up on performing arts and focus on his education. From then on he had grown to be quieter in school and not as active as he previously was, though he still engaged in sports. Years later he continued to enjoy drama and music but just hadn't given it as much effort as he previously did. This was until he was forced by friends to attend an audition for the school production. After the audition he had soon found out that he was assigned the lead role. Performing on stage that summer made him suddenly remember what he loved and where he really belonged. Soon after the performance Julz began to write and produce songs while working on his voice as he knew exactly what he wanted his life to be. In May 2010 he decided that he would like to share his music with the world. It was that year in which he released his first single titled "Why I Love You".

With "Why I Love You" not being as good as he initially hoped he then took some time to study the art of recording, mixing and mastering music. Self taught in his fathers home studio, he found he really grew attached and loved music more each day. In late 2010 he thought that he would really feel a sense of achievement if he produced an album without being signed. Though he knew this would be a difficult task with his GCSE's approaching in the summer, he decided that it was what he really wanted and that he would work as hard as he could on both. "Work Hard, Play Harder" seemed an appropriate name for his album as it's one of the many motto's which has gotten him to where he is now.

Julz is currently recording songs for his second studio album which doesn't yet have a release date. He endures a daily routine of excercise to keep himself in shape as he enjoys participating in the urban sport "Parkour". His favourite place to spend time would be on a warm golden beach as he feels most creative when in the sun. He enjoys performing and one of his dreams is to do a Worldwide Tour, but until that day comes...you can always find him on twitter.

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